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Financing independent energy
We are a specialty finance company with a complete financing solution (subject to status) for commercial renewable energy assets.
Power Purchase Agreement, we arrange the installation for district housing or business heat & power and sell the energy back to the occupier at a beneficial price for a fixed period.
Lease larger scale solar, wind, geothermal, CHP and biomass installations.  
Asset finance over a typical term of 84 months for businesses, farms and Public sector green heat & power.
Outright purchase means you can sell your PV, wind or other large renewable system easily and (without middlemen) conveniently. 
By assisting companies in procuring the financing they need to move to alternatives to more traditional energy sources we have installers with a broad understanding to you offset interest with borrowers keeping subsidies such as RHI or FiT. Can we help you explore with a call today 0845 055 8203 or APPLY  
Renewable Energy Equipment Finance and Leasing Solutions
The renewable energy market has grown rapidly over recent years. The UK has committed to achieve 20% of energy production from renewables by year 2020 and this secures market growth.  
Substantial investment is required in supporting our growing markets for industrial, commercial and farming energy generation. The Renewable energy sector is extremely diverse and still at an early stage of its development. These factors can lead to difficulty in sourcing the required funding and we can help to identify the funds needed for various technologies.  
Mercantile Investors are continually developing expertise in this market enables us to bring together customers, suppliers, commercial lenders and investment fund managers. In addition to sourcing funding for new equipment we can often release capital from owned assets.
Solar Energy & Photovoltaic Equipment Finance and Leasing Solutions
Photovoltaics is possibly the fastest growing energy technology on the planet and this large growth in demand has led to better technology and the most competitive prices ensuring a sunny future for this renewable energy source. The many advantages to using solar energy have typically been countered by the main drawback, the initial capital cost.  
Leasing is the perfect solution for easing the financial burden. By spreading the cost of the purchase over a number of years the cost of implementation can be absorbed by your business whilst preserving working capital. We can tailor a bespoke finance packages which can benefit you by: -  
Avoiding large capital outlay
Preserving existing credit lines
Making Budgets for energy easier
Good tax allowances
Allow the equipment pay you money and offset costs to pay for it 
Biomass Energy Equipment & Plant Finance and Leasing Solutions
Biomass is our only combustible renewable energy source and is a logical solution to supplying the UK market.  
As well as large scale power generation, the rapid advance of biomass/biogas technology has seen demand for smaller scale industrial and commercial use of biomass fuels grow at a pace like never before. Incentives such as Renewable Energy Certificates (ROC’s) and the rising cost of fossil fuels are making a practical and economically option for companies to install equipment on their own premises to process waste and create energy
We are funding for projects like these with a creative approach and thorough understanding of all factors involved.
PV Rent a Roof - Free Solar PV for Social Housing Farming and Commercial Clients 
PV rent a roof schemes can be an alternative to financing Solar installations for those wishing to benefit from the production of green electricity without the risks, costs and associated responsibilities of ownership.  
We are providing PPA to fund most commercial, ground mounted or social housing projects and the power is sold back to the occupier at a reduced cost  
How Does a PPA Scheme Work?  
The customer can use as much electricity as the system can produce at a discounted rate. The investor funds the installation and ongoing maintenance costs of the system and in return receives the FIT and any export tariff for unused electricity.  
Who is Eligible for Access the Fund?  
The following organisations and clients are eligible for funding: -  
Social Housing Associations
Public Sector Bodies (Local Councils, NHS, Schools etc.)
Registered Social Landlords (RSLs)
Wind Energy and Turbine Finance and Leasing Solutions
Due to reducing costs and shorter payback periods through a Feed in Tariff, wind has turned into an extremely attractive investment. With factors such as rising energy costs and energy ratings contributing to continued growth and diversity of the wind sector.
As with any project with large hardware costs can be helped though our links to asset finance or leasing to soften the burdens of cashflow.
We provide finance agreements which often fund wind turbines and allow the Feed in Tariffs to cover the turbines finance charges.
100% Wind Turbine Project Finance  
In addition to providing asset finance for turbines we are also able to offer project finance to fund 100% of project costs (post planning) for multiple turbine rollouts without the need for additional security above the projects revenue.  
Can we help you explore with a call today 0845 055 8203 or APPLY 
Finance & Leasing from 3% flat within 3 hours. 
Are you looking for green finance?
Funding for Renewable Energy Equipment
Biomass- LED- Modular Buildings- Heat Pumps- Wind- Solar*- CHP-Thermodynamic
94% acceptance rate
Rates from 3% Flat
Decision within 3 hours
Immediate Funds Available
100% Tax Deductible
100% Finance Available
Subject to status loans £7000 to £5 million
*Solar funding available but does generally take longer to arrange
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